Egypt Fashion Week

Egypt Fashion Week

The 1st edition of the Official Egypt Fashion Weekis taking place from May 12 to 15, 2023. Organized by the Egyptian Fashion & Design Council, designers & industry leaders will come together to showcase & connect.

The 1st edition of the Official Egypt Fashion Week is taking place from May 12 to 15, 2023. Over 70 Egyptian designers will showcase their collections on and off the runway. Local, regional and international fashion schools,  councils and organizations  and over 40 international industry leaders will come together to discuss trending topics and open up collaborations and business opportunities.

Held under the auspices of the Ministry of Planning & Economic Development, The Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities and the Ministry of Agriculture & Land Reformation, Egypt Fashion Week is co-produced by CREATIVE HEADZ.  LAUNCHMETRICS is the official logistics partner, TIKTOK is the official Entertainment Partner.

Egypt Fashion Week 2023 Statement

Egypt Fashion Week 1st edition: “The past, present & future”:

The first edition of Egypt Fashion Week blends a celebration of our civilization, a synopsis of our present, and our vision for the future.
As we proudly celebrate our heritage & civilization, we take inspiration from our culture for design and acknowledge agriculture as the basis on which Ancient Egyptians built an empire and a civilization that throughout history inspired the world. Yet we do not want to dwell on our past and the wealth of accomplishments and innovation, but rather look at and show the world our present, a pool of creatives, craftsmen, and industry leaders that have forged a contemporary Egyptian DNA.

A present of a booming and aspiring fashion and design industry, a present of a cotton and textile industry that is not only among the core seeds of our mission to grow and promote our talents but offer high-quality resources to our region and the Continent.

And most importantly we are looking at our future, projecting a vision and direction that enables us to combine our unique resources of inspiration of over 5000 years, and craftsmanship with today’s know-how and fast-paced technology driven trends, that allows us to be a reckoned industry player in the future.

Application is now closed.  Follow us on INSTAGRAM for the designer reveal and list of local & international speakers & schedule.

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Egypt Fashion Week is brought to you by The Egyptian Fashion & Design Council.

Co-produced by Creative Headz.  Logistics Partner Launchmetrics.

Official Entertainment Partner Tiktok.

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