Al Baraka Group For Spinning & Weaving
Mr. Abdel-Raoof Kodsy
Woven&; Knitted Fabrics for Apparel: Cotton – Polyester 100% or Blended

Al Misria Al Korea For Textile Ind.
Mr. Mohamed Hassan Abdel Kareem
Polyester Woven Fabrics for Apparel – Fabric Dyeing, Printing&; Finishing

Al Shafey Knitting & Weaving
Mr. Mohamed Mhmoud Yousef El-Shafey
Yarns: Cotton, Polyester – Knitted & Woven Fabrics for Apparel & Home textiles – Yarn& Fabric Dyeing

Ameen Hussein Samy For Textile Mfrg
Mr. Mohamed Ameen Samy
Woven Fabrics For Apparel & Home Textiles

Ashram Print Group
Mr. Abd El Kader Mohammed Ashram
Yarns: Cotton Ne 24 to 40, Polyester DTY, 50 to 300 – Apparel Knitted Fabrics – Yarn & Fabric Dyeing – Rotary Printing

Assouad For Dyeing,finishing & Weaving
Mr.Soheil Assouad
Dyeing, printing & finishing of woven fabrics: weights from 100 to 500 grams

Chic For Dyeing & Finishing & Garment Zipper Making 888
Mr. Alaa Mahmoud Hashish
Sewing Threads – Apparel Accessories

El Nasr Wool& Selected Textiles Co.
Mr. Khaled Abd-Alziz
Yarns: Cotton, Wool – Home Textile Fabrics – Knitted Apparel Fabrics – Yarn& Fabric Dyeing – Military wear Fabrics Yarns – Cotton: From 12 to 80 NE Yarns – Wool: From 16 to 60

Coats Egypt
Mr.Ahmed Osman
Sewing Threads: for Apparel & Footwear -Technical Threads for Automotive – Medical Supplies Engineered Yarns

Cometex Threads S.a.e. Co
Mr.Piergiorgio Cumerlato
Yarns- Cotton: mercerized gased, carded, combed and/or compact. Sewing Threads: Cotton/Polyester

Dakahlia Spinning & Weaving Co.
Eng. Ibrahim Sadek Ibrahim
Yarns: Pure or Blended Cotton, Polyester – Knitted Fabrics for Apparel – Apparel

Egyptian Weavers
Eng. Naoman Hesni
+201223214161 |
Woven Fabrics For Shirts – Printed Fabrics – Knitted Fabrics For Casual Wear

Egyyarn For Spinning
Eng.Ibrahim Abd-Allah Hussein
Compact yarn from 18GG to 32 GG. Woven & Knitted Garments

Egypt Oskar Industrial Sewing Thread & Textiles Industry Corp.
Mr.Yakoub Kojajik
Sewing Threads for Apparel & Footwear

El Helal Factory For Knitting,dyeing & Ready Made Garments
Mr.Mohamed Ibrahim Mohamed Abdel-Fattah
Knitted Apparel Fabric – Fabric Dyeing – Apparel: Polo Shirt – Shorts – T-Shirts – Pyjamas

El Hesn Textiles
Mr.Yakoub Kojajik
Woven& Knitted Fabrics for Apparel – Fabric Dyeing, Rotary Printing, Finishing & Design

El Sharq El Awsat Co. For Textile& Spinning
Eng.Hassan Mohamed Hassan
+202448 900 25
Sewing Threads: Industrial, Embroidery& Consumer – Apparel Finishing

El Shehab Merdye Co. For Mercerizing & Dyeing
Dr.Yasser El-Hamaky
Cotton Yarns: Ne 10/2 to 120/2 , Combed, Carded, Compact, Gassed/Mercerized/Dyed – Sewing& Crochet Threads

Elvan Knitting, Dyeing& Finishing S.a.e
Knitted Fabric – Fabric Dyeing & Finishing

Esperanza Clothing
Eng. Mohanad Zahed Istanboli
Knitted Fabrics – Fabric Dyeing, Printing & Finishing – Apparel

Giza Spinning & Weaving Co.
Eng.Mohamed Ghazal Marzouk
Yarns- Cotton-: open end:12’s, 14’s, 16’s, 20’s Ring Spun: 16’s, 20’s,24’s,30’s, 36’s ,40’s

Glass For Manufacturing
Mr.Mustafa Abu-Bakr El-Sedik
Woven& Knitted Fabric Dyeing & Finishing – Rotary Printing

Mediterranean Textile S.a.e. Cotonificio Albini S.p.a.
Eng. Andrea Albini
Woven Fabrics for Apparel

Globe Spinning & Dyeing Sae
Mr.Ahmed Denizer
Sewing Threads: Embroidery& Hand Knitting – Acrylic Yarns – Upholstery& Curtains Fabric – Rotary Printing

Goga Tex For Textiles
Mr.Samy Saad
Woven Fabrics for Apparel: Cotton , Polyester & Viscose Blended

Goldentex Wool Co.
Eng. Ashraf Arafa
Wool Yarns – Wool Woven Fabrics for Apparel – Yarn &; Fabric Dyeing

Katakeet Manufacturing Co. For Clothes, Textile & Blankets
Mr.Ibrahim Ahmead Jaan Ali
Sewing Threads- Bed Linens: Cotton, Polyester – Embroidery

El Masria Co. For Tricot & Spinning
Mr.Ibrahim Ahmead Jaan Ali
Knitted Fabrics: Cotton& Polyester – Fabric Dyeing& Finishing

Master Line Textiles Industry
Mr.Nagy Samir Toma
Knitted Fabrics for Apparel – Fabric Dyeing – Digital Printing

Mediterranean Textile Company €
Mr. Anwar Saifullah Khan
Yarns: Cotton Ne 30 to 120, Viscose, Modal. – Woven& Knitted Apparel& Home Textiles Fabrics

Mediterranean Textile S.a.e. Cotonificio Albini S.p.a.
Eng. Andrea Albini
Woven Fabrics for Apparel

Misr Amreya Spinning And Weaving S.a.e
Eng. Mofreh El-Beltagy
Cotton Yarns: Ne 30/1 to 80/2 – Cotton/Polyester Blend Yarn – Bed & Table Linens – Apparel Fabrics Woven& Knitted Fabrics-Apparel Fabrics : Percale: TC200 till TC 400 Sateen : TC200 till TC 600

Misr Shebin El Kom Spinning & Weaving
Mr. Shawky Mahmoud El-Sayad
Yarns- Cotton: 16-94. Yarns – Polyesters, Acrylic, Viscose, Modal : 12-50 (Nor:32/1-36-40/2)-Hi-Tech(14/1-28/2) 16-40

Misr Spain Co. For Blankets & Textiles
Mr.Hamdy El-Tabbakh
Polyester Fabrics – Blankets -Woven and Knitted Fabrics for Apparel – Fabric Dyeing and Finishing

Misr Spinning & Weaving
Dr. Nageh Ahmed Fayad
Yarns – Cotton : Pure or Blended Ne 3 to Ne 120. Yarns- Polyester: Ne 6 up to Ne 80 Yarns- Wool : Pure or blended Yarn& Fabric Dyeing – Terry Towels – Bed linens

Misr Spinning, Weaving & Beida Dyers Co. Kafr El Dawar
Mr.Ahmad Abdel Razek El Sawy
Yarns – Cotton: Pure or Blended Ne 8 To Ne 120/2

Modern Kobba For Weaving & Finishing
Eng.Mohamed Samir El-Husseiny
Woven Fabrics: Cotton, Polyester, Blends – Fabric Dyeing – Rotary Printing

Nasser Tex For Weaving And Dyeing
Eng. Ahmed Nasser
Cotton Yarns: Ne 60 to 120 – Woven Apparel Fabrics – Yarn&; Fabric Dyeing

Ali El Nawawi
Sustainable Production only: Knits & Woven, RTW sustainable clothing for men/women, and children. Using organic cotton or up-cycling from pre-consumer waste

Saatex For Textile Industries
Eng. Ahmed Nasser
Knitted Fabrics For Apparel – Sportswear – Fabric Dyeing, Printing& Finishing

Seong An Textile S.a.e
Mr.Sang Tae Park
Woven& Knitted Fabrics for Apparel, Sports & Swimwear – Fabric Dyeing& Finishing – Apparel

Successors Mohamed Abd Elaziz Nounou&co.
Eng. Khaled Nounou
Knitted Fabrics For Apparel – Tulle Fabric – Satin Ribbons

Eng. Hany Salam
Woven&; Knitted Fabrics – Intimate Wear&; Lingerie Fabrics: Lace

Salemco For Spinning & Weaving
Eng. Ahmad Salem
Knitted Fabrics for Apparel & Upholstery – Fabric Dyeing – Apparel

Startex Textile For Dyeing & Finishing Co.
Mr. Elsayed Shokeir
Yarns: Cotton, Polyester, Polypropylene& Lycra – Woven & knitted Fabrics for Apparel – Fabric Dyeing & Finishing

Styletex For Dyeing & Textile
Mr.Ahmed Mohamed Afyouni
Woven Fabrics For Apparel & Home Textiles

Turkish Egyptian Textile Co.
Mr. Lokman Ipakji
Knitted Fabrics for Apparel – Fabric Dyeing, Rotary Printing, Finishing – Apparel

Wagdy Moamen & Partners For Textile
Mr.Wagdy Moamen
Woven Fabrics for Apparel – Men Shirts – Women Blouses